Alexandra David-Néel was born in Paris on October 24, 1868. David-Néel died in Digne-les-Bains, France in 1969. She was known for to her travels in Tibet and wrote among thirty publications on Buddhism, its philosophy and her travels. David-Néel was a Buddhist, writer, and an explorer who travelled to England, Switzerland, Spain, China, Japan, India and Tibet. In 1912, she met the thirteenth Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso. From 1914-16, David-Néel lived in Sikkim, near the Tibetan border. She met Aphur Yongden a Sikkimese monk who became a travelling companion and where she learned much Buddhist philosophy and spirituality. In 1924, they spent two months in Lhasa.
In David-Néel’s “My journey in Tibet,” was written in a narrative manner. She describes the scenery in Tibet as majestic and enchanting. While leaving Lhakang-ra, she came across an old peasant near his death who was deserted by his group on a pilgrimage. She spoke to him of Buddhism ideology on life after death and the path of enlightenment. The man died shortly after David-Néel left, on ‘his way by the vision [of enlightenment].” (42) She met many other travelers along her journey, some of whom bowed down and asked the benediction of a lama. (44) Frequently, David-Néel shows her fear of danger on trails, roads, and cities. She was very worried about spies. She discusses Tibetans belief that demons were sometimes the cause of injuries or illnesses.